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Scar Remover Creams

scar remover creamsWhen you have scars whether they be on the face or other parts of the body, it’s hard to find a product that can stand by its claim to be the most effective scar remover cream on the market. Because there are so many of them that make this claim, what is a person to do?

The best scar cream products utilize scientifically proven ingredients (such as silicone and onion bulb extract) in adequate concentrations to maximize their effectiveness.


Among some of the most effective are ones that appeal to many people. By this I mean that there has to be a nice balance between the scientifically engineered ingredients and the holistic ingredients. By combining these two sources is a winning combination that is not only popular but have been found to be most effective as well.

For Discoloration
Hydroquinone is a bleaching cream that has many different favorable affects on scars. One it helps minimize the darkness associated with many different types of scars. You can use this treatment in combination with a vitamin c treatment to give you maximum benefits. However it’s important to note that this is very powerful and will permanently alter the pigmentation, so you should consult a dermatologist first.

Scar Guard Review
This is a brand that was developed by a plastic surgeon, so you know that this stuff must be pretty impressive. What is unique about this product is that is contains topical silicone. This is a key ingredient that many scar removal creams and products use. It is same ingredient is used in skin sheet treatments given by plastic surgeons. Silicone can help diminish scars as well as prevent new scars from forming.

This product also contains cortisone, which helps decrease skin irritation. Vitamin E helps aide in the healing process by hydrating and being an effective emollient for the skin. Slight pressure is also a defining factor in this treatment which helps the product be absorbed into the skin. The last essential factor is occlusion, which is medical jargon for safeguarding and providing adhesive properties to the scar. This product has a revolutionary formula that dries quickly and is water proof to protect the tissue during it’s transformation as well as harm from environmental factors.

Dermanew Microdermabrasion System
Also marketed under the name “Total Body Experience” this is a 9 piece set that retails for around $80 which you use at home. It includes what they call a personal microdermabrasion system as well as creams and gels to use with it. This product is free of any type of oil, so even people with the most sensitive skin can integrate this product in their routine to help fade scars. In order to achieve even more benefits one can use a Vitamin A dervative in accordance with this product. Keep in mind this will probably not be as effective as the professional grade microdermabrasion that is performed at a doctor’s office.

Mederma Scar Cream
This is perhaps the most widely used product, probably because it is sold by a lot of retailers. This uses extract from an onion bulb (Allium Cepa extract) which helps diminish the scar tissue. This is known to be very effective. Personally however, I prefer using a cream which uses this ingredient, plus silicone gel too.

What To Do Next?
Now that you have read and seen many of the benefits, as well as ingredients that tend to work, you are that much closer to treatment. Make sure to consult with a physician before trying any scar remover product. That way you can base your decision more on definitive facts and get more helpful advice from a professional.