scar removerScar Remover – Which Treatments Help?

With so many events happening in our lives, many of them unpredictable, it’s no surprise that at some point we end up with scars of some sort.

Whether it be from old breakouts, an unforeseen accident, or surgical scars…  everyone can relate to these distinct markings on the body. And until just the last couple decades, there was little that could be done to improve their appearance. Fortunately in today’s skin care industry, there are a multitude of different scar removal treatments in existence to help diminish these skin imperfections.



Often people who have scars tend to go to extreme measures in trying to conceal them, from long sleeve shirts to year round wear of jeans, there is always a dressing technique that suits each individual’s needs. But now there are different creams and other scar remover products with ingredients that may be able to help you.

Vitamin Scar Creams
Creams that have vitamin C and other antioxidants are not only known to help exfoliate the skin, but they also aide in the production of new collagen cells. This process enables new skin tissue to form and thus makes the old scarred tissue become less visible. However with some types of skin blemishes, I have heard overproduction of collagen is bad and kind actually make them become worse. I don’t know too much about this method, so it’s something that would need to be researched further.

Vitamin E oil and gels are also very popular, however there is some debate as to the possibility that these may make scars worst if used on them when they’re fresh. But I know someone that used it after heart surgery and he had good results. So I think it’s different for everyone – probably depending on your skin type. Therefore, I would recommend talking to a dermatologist about it before you give it a try.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid
These are the acids commonly used in chemical peels. It is able to penetrate the skin and exfoliate skin cells to revitalize the skin. This can help with the appearance of scars, especially with the red discoloration often associated with them. There are many you can buy over the counter, but the strongest are offered by a doctor, and you should probably consult with one first to at least check to see if this method will help with your type of scarring.

Onion Bulb Extract
Well this may sound like something you eat, it’s not. When it’s used in high concentrations in the form of a gel or cream, it can help tremendously with scar tissue. It’s not known exactly how it works, but it’s suspected that it stops the over-production of collagen which occurs when the scarring is fresh. This is one of the main ingredients in Mederma products. Usually you have to use it consistently for several weeks or even months to have a maximum effect.

Copper Peptides
In itself this probably won’t do much, but it’s probably an ingredient you will at least want to include in your skin care regimen.  It is said that it promotes the production of collagen and elastin. Various clinical studies have also shown that copper peptide complex also helps get rid of dead collagen, this includes scar tissue, thus making it an effective ingredient for products to help diminish their appearance. Many face creams actually include this as an ingredient.

Silicone Scar Gel
It’s not known exactly how this works, but silicone is known to be perhaps one of, if not the most, effective treatment option available. Scientists suspect that it helps keep the tissue moisturized, and in turn, gives optimal conditions for your body to repair the damage tissue. Some others have said they think that the benefits have something to do with the static electricity created by the silicone, which they suspect helps to align the collagen in the cells. Whatever the case, we may not know how it works, but we do know it works great; not only does it help with discoloration, but it also helps to flatten the scar, which the above methods aren’t known for.

Silicone Scar Sheets
These work based on the same technology as silicone gels and creams, but in the form of a sheet, it is usually more effective. These are not like your regular bed sheets. These are designed for the skin, in a completely different way then those luxurious Egyptian cotton ones you might have thought I was referring to. In fact, these babies can help reduce the appearance of scars in a way that many other products fall short of. Basically, they are a sheet of pure silicone which you stick or tape to your scar and wear constantly for several weeks.

They help reduce the itchiness or uncomfortable sensations that one might experience undergoing an alternative treatment. They are also reusable for days or even weeks at a time, so you don’t have to keep forking out money to receive treatment. Sometimes you can actually use one sheet for the whole duration of your treatment. In addition they soften smooth and improve the overall texture of your skin. They also come in an array of different sizes.

Best Scar Treatment?
Now that you have read about the many different methods and treatments involved in scar remover techniques you can decide if any of these treatments are right for you. I am not a licensed medical professional so it would be wise to consult with one prior to undergoing any type of treatment.

Personally, I found the silicone scar sheet to work the best on my surgical incisions. But there are other scar removers, such as creams that use both silicone and onion bulb extract, that are also known to work good. But everyone’s different, so do your research before making your decision.


After getting severe scarring from an accident, I created this blog to be the ultimate resource about scar remover!



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